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MOLCER Ear Drops 15ml Wallace- UK

  • contain the active ingredient docusate sodium
  • helps to soften ear wax


MOLCER Ear drops

Molcer ear drops contain the active ingredient docusate sodium, which helps to soften ear wax.

Docusate is a surface active agent, which means that it allows water to penetrate into a wax plug that may have built up in the ear.

A hard plug of wax can be softened using Molcer ear drops. Wax can also be removed by your doctor or practice nurse, by flushing the ear with warm water (syringing). If there is a lot of wax or the wax is very hard, it may need to be softened first and Molcer ear drops can also be used for this.



  • People with ear pain should always seek medical advice before using this medicine.
  • Do not stick anything into the ear, such as cotton buds, to remove wax.

Not to be used in:

  • Perforated ear drum.
  • Inflammation and infection of the outer part of the ear canal (otitis externa).
  • Inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and seborrhoeic dermatitis on the outer ear.


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