Regulatory & Product Registration

All Pharmaceuticals, Drugs and Devices needs to be registered with the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) of the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka.

The first step is to submit a profile of the manufacturer for evaluation

Upon approval of the manufacturer, individual Drug / Device dossiers can be submitted.

We never fall short of full compliance with the regulatory rules and guidelines of the NMRA of Sri Lanka. To protect the health of the nation and the businesses of our principals, we employ an expert regulatory team to oversee all NMRA product registrations in a strictly ethical manner.

Marketing & Brand Building

Brand building is a core strength of ours and we follow a few models in handling brand marketing,

Outsourced products under Axero's own brands

Principals own brands under Axero's marketing /Promotion strategies

Principals own brands under their ownership by adopting their global marketing strategies /Promotion strategies

Under each of these models Axero will facilitate the brands to reach their goals through a well experienced marketing team and to establish a loyal customer base

Supply Chain Management & Warehousing

Imports &Clearing:

To gain general success in clearing our shipments within three business days, we've combined our decades of industry experience with a number of efficient initiatives. We implement finely tuned operations with continuous follow up on pre-shipment documentation and procedures, and have adopted proactive measures to fast track the clearing of goods.

Storage and Warehousing:

To keep our distribution services timely and effective, our warehouse has been strategically located in a Colombo suburb with the necessary regulatory approvals to store pharmaceuticals

Sales & Distribution

Axero's distribution network will reach over 1500 pharmacies, chemists and hospitals throughout Sri Lanka.

We distribute through 3 separate channels - Direct Distribution using Company Representatives and Company vehicles. Co-Distribution using Company Representatives with 3rd party vehicles and Sub Distribution using 3rd party staff and vehicles to reach our customers.

Direct Distribution:

Colombo Chemists & Hospitals State Institutions Modern Trade Colombo Suburb B


Colombo suburbs, Galle - Matara - Hambanthota - Ratnapura - Kandy - Up Country - Kurunegala-Gampaha - Puttlam - Anuradhapura & Trincomalee


Jaffna - Vavunia - Ampara - Monaragala - Batticaloa


Sri Lanka provides care to all its citizens and procures over 1100 pharmaceutical items and 3000 medical devices trough it's procurement arms - The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC) and the Medical Supplies Division (MSD)

Axero will follow-up and inform principals of the upcoming tenders with data from the Tender System which processes data of past tenders, tender readings and awards.

Based on these Axero will advise on pricing strategies to be adopted.

Suppliers to Govt need go through a pre-qualification process at SPC Drugs & Devices needs to be registered with the National Regulatory Authority (NMRA) of the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka

Tender documents sent by the principals will be submitted to the SPC/MSD and will be followed up with the relevant authorities at MOH and SPC.